Golf Course Solar

Golf Courses Turn To Solar

A small-but-growing number of golf courses are now turning to solar energy systems to either directly power their operations or feed electricity into the local utility’s grid in return for offsets on their electrical bill.

They believe in making their facilities as green as the grass that grows in their fairways and putting surfaces.

As a global sport with millions of followers, set in nature and with deep community roots, golf can step forward as a leader for sustainability and climate action

Why Go Solar?

  • Power Savings: Electricity is a major cost that you have no control over but you can do something about that.
  • Residual Income: Your facility will be generating residual income even when you are closed.
  • Sustainability: Show your customers you are environmentally conscious and they will thank you for it

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Simple To Finance

  • Competitive finance rates are available through a variety of lenders with interest rates as low as Prime + 2%. Financing terms are extremely flexible.
  • Your company will enjoy 100 percent accelerated capital depreciation in year one
  • If the golf courses are zoned as farmland or in a qualifying small rural town, they could qualify for a government energy grant up to $250,000 (Location dependent)


Rooftop and Ground Mounted Solar

Arrays can be installed on the rooftops of Clubhouses, Covered Parking Lots, Maintenance Sheds and also in open underutilized land on the property. These can also power sprinklers and lighting.

Solar Charged Golf Carts

The industry has made huge improvements to the solar powered capability of golf carts. Options are available to charge existing carts and to purchase 100% solar powered carts.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

If golf clubs and courses want to offer increased services to their customers, they will likely need to provide electric vehicle charging services to those who stay all day at the facility