Electric Vehicle Chargers

EV Charging Station Installation

Do you own an electric vehicle — or are you planning to buy one? Great decision. Electric vehicles are the cutting edge of clean, energy-efficient transportation. What you need is a trusted electrician to get the job done right!


Congratulations on purchasing an electric car!

It’s now time to install an EV charging station at your home for increased cost savings and convenience.

Now that you’ve joined the ranks of environmentally conscious and smart consumers everywhere, make sure you’re fully enjoying the electric vehicle experience. Install an electric vehicle charging station in your own home.

Fully Charged And Ready To Go

Home is where EV drivers typically do most of their charging. Surveys show that between 60 to 80% of EV charging is done at home.

Having a Level 2 charging station at home is like having your own fuel station right at your doorstep. Simply plug your EV into your home charger every night, and have your car fully charged and ready for your daily commute in the morning. 

The FLO Home charging station is compatible with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Did you know?

A Level 2 charging station like the FLO Home will charge your EV up to 5 times faster than a Level 1 station* plugged in a standard outlet.

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Commercial EV Charging Stations

For Fleets, Employee Vehicles and Attracting Potential Customers

We offer EV Charging solutions for a wide range of commercial property needs, including fleet operations, offices, retail, hospitality, multi-unit residential, industrial and more. Our approach is to work with your team to fully understand your needs and deliver an end-to-end solution.

Make Clean Tech A Part of Your Company Culture: Bring electric vehicle charging to your workplace.

Offer electric vehicle charging stations at your workplace and show your organization’s leadership in supporting innovation and sustainable development. Provide a valued service to EV-driving employees and encourage others to switch to clean transportation.

Why Install a Commercial EV Charger?

Everyone’s looking for a place to charge electric vehicles. Offer the convenience to your employees, keep fleets energized and even attract potential customers to your business by looking to EV Safe Charge for an electric vehicle charger installation.

Installing an electric vehicle charging station is a great marketing tool. Buildings and businesses that offer EV charging have proven that they care about our planet and are taking measures to improve the environment. This reflects well on your reputation. In fact, many consumers make it a point to search out businesses that are eco-friendly.

Solutions for Multi-family Communities

The market for plug-in electric vehicles is growing every month, so owners of apartments, condos and coops also are adding EV charging to their properties.

Eighty to ninety percent of EV charging happens at home, which makes it critical for multi-unit dwellings to include EV charging solutions.

Charging Infrastructure at Multi-unit Residential Dwellings

The market for plug-in electric vehicles grows every month – and with it, the need for more places to charge. Residents are increasingly requesting electric vehicle charging stations be available in the multi-family properties they call home – or want to call home. Today’s apartments, condos and coops need to include charging solutions to keep up with this fast-changing market.

We offer EV charging solutions for new developments and older developments, including the ability to use multiple charging stations to maximize the power a building may have available.

By intelligently allocating power among EV chargers we’re generally able to use the existing power available in older developments and increase a property’s charging capacity.

Sustainability is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to attract new residents to multi-family developments. Providing EV charging is a top priority for developers creating today’s multi-family homes.

EV Charging in Multifamily Developments provides many benefits, including:

  • Attracting and retaining eco-conscious residents
  • Increasing property values
  • Providing a sought-after amenity EV driving residents and their visitors need
  • Being green, which projects a powerful sustainable image to the community
  • Differentiating your property

Whether residents and guests at your multi-family dwelling share or use assigned parking, we have an EV charging solution that will work for you.

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FLO is Canada’s largest electric vehicle charging network.

Made in Canada! Built for Canada!

FLO charging stations are proudly manufactured in Canada—and designed for our tough climate. Their products are certified for both indoor and outdoor installation, as they have been tested in the harshest weather conditions and the coldest temperatures.

Flo operates a comprehensive charging ecosystem that fulfills EV drivers’ needs wherever they may be—at home, at work or on the go—by ensuring a consistently simple and seamless experience.

FLO offers smart home charging solutions for both single-family houses and multi-unit residential buildings, as well as access to thousands of public charging stations across the country.

FLO also provides turnkey solutions to property managers, business owners, employers and municipal administrators who wish to support EV adoption by supplying charging services.


  • What is an electric vehicle charger? An electric vehicle charger is a device that provides electric current to recharge an electric vehicle.
  • What is the purpose of an electric vehicle charger? An electric vehicle charger, or EV charger, is used for electric vehicles to regain battery (or charge). These chargers are typically found in commercial sites that offer gas, car detailing, or other services. Eco Leaf Solar can install a personal unit at your home, or if you are a business owner, install at your place of business as a courtesy to your customers
  • Can I install my EV charging point myself? No, unless you’re an electrician with experience in installing EV chargers, don’t do it yourself. Always hire an experienced and certified installer. This might prove to be more expensive in the short-term, but it’s vital for making sure your charger is properly and safely installed and that you comply with all regulations. Furthermore, some EV charging points will lose their warranty, if not installed by a certified electrician. You don’t want to risk that. 
  • How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle? This will depend on a few factors, from the power source available, the EV charger current rating to the capacity of the battery bank in the vehicle itself. Most manufacturers’ websites will provide recharge times for the vehicles they have.
  • Is there a tax credit for installing an electric vehicle charger? Although there are only EV charger install incentives for businesses and condos, the government of Canada does provide a financial incentive to purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle.
  • What is the fastest EV charger? For non-Tesla vehicles, a Level 3 charger is the fastest at delivering a charge and is typically only used in commercial spaces. Charging speed should not be the only factor in your purchasing decision. Connect with us at Eco leaf Solar and we will help you find the best charger that balances performance, cost, and other charger requirements.
  • Do I need a permit to install an EV charger? Yes, the City of Edmonton requires a permit for most major electrical installs.  We will handle the process of pulling the permit and booking the inspection.