Commercial Solar Systems


Utility costs are one of the largest expenses for most businesses. And as your company grows, it consumes more energy — for lighting, HVAC, production, computing, and more. 

Compounding the issue, commercial utility costs continue to rise every day. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Canada already spend more than $60 billion a year on energy.  And energy market experts predict that the increases in the average per-kilowatt-hour cost of electricity will persist long-term.


That’s where solar energy enters the picture. When you’re using a free and inexhaustible source of energy, your bottom line is less affected by energy market fluctuations. As a result, you can drastically reduce — or even completely eliminate — monthly electricity bills. Those savings can then be redirected back into your organization, making solar energy a true investment for your business.

Still, the decision to install solar is a big one. In order to recoup your initial investment as quickly as possible, you need a partner who will help you both select an appropriate system for your facilities and help you maximize your return on investment.

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  • Reduced operating costs thanks to thousands of dollars of savings on monthly electricity bills
  • Lower tax liability with accelerated depreciation
  • High internal rate of return on a long-term warrantied asset
  • Hedge against rising energy costs
  • Marketing and PR opportunities related to sustainability efforts and a lower carbon footprint

Shopping center with solar photovoltaic panels on the roofs and a parking lot with cars, aerial view.


As one of the national leaders in solar, we’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most esteemed businesses in a wide range of industries. In our experience, commercial sectors that benefit from solar include:

  • Agriculture
  • Architects, engineers and contractors
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Educational Institutes and Nonprofits
  • Government and Military
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality (Hotels and Restaurants)
  • Manufacturing, Distribution and Storage
  • Multi-Family and Assisted Living Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Companies

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As a business owner, you may have thought that switching to commercial solar panels for your business was a risky move. You’ve probably heard about large companies such as Google, Target, Apple and more adding solar, but felt it was not feasible for your business. It’s time to get rid of that thinking. Many business owners are adding solar and reaping the rewards.

Solar isn’t just for big companies anymore. Businesses of all sizes can capitalize on the many benefits of adding solar power. Solar energy has become a strategic decision that has proven to have numerous benefits for your business.

  • Solar power gives you a great return on investment: When thinking about switching your commercial building to solar power, consider it an investment, not an expense. The return on investment you get from solar power often exceeds that of most other investments in terms of the money your business saves over the years.
  • Reduces your operating costs: Once your commercial solar panels are paid off, they will reduce the operating expenses of your business, which will cascade through your business’ balance sheet. Businesses will find that their cost to install their solar project will more than pay for itself over the lifespan of the solar system.
  • Control future energy bills: Predicting operating costs can be difficult since you often don’t know what the future will bring. But predicting your electric bill becomes pretty easy once you add solar panels. Instead of facing unpredictable and wildly fluctuating energy bills, you’ll know what to expect each month with a commercial solar panel system that dramatically reduces your energy costs. Your budgeting just got easier because you won’t have to worry about rising energy prices.
  • Increase your property value: Homes and commercial buildings that have solar panels can have higher property values and sell faster than those that don’t, per multiple studies. And that is not likely to change. With the solar revolution gaining steam, adding commercial solar panels figures to make your building more desirable. If you have lower electric bills, that’s a boon for any business owner.
  • Excellent ROI: From the perspective of ROI, solar panels are unbeatable against other third-party utility companies. For one, electricity from utility companies only entails expenses. In contrast, electricity from a solar panel is not an expense. In turn, the installation of solar panels will make it an asset. And if you ever decide to sell off your business, you can also sell off the solar panels.  Once installed, you will be able to recover the entire installation cost in about five to seven years. Every single year after this is essentially free electricity. And obviously, the electric companies will never be able to compete with this benefit of solar power.
  • Solar panels are more affordable than ever: Solar panel installation costs have fallen more than 70 percent over the last decade. This means the price of adding solar panels also has fallen. Additionally tax credits and other rebates work to reduce the solar system installation cost.
  • Improves your cash flow: Once you have your commercial solar panels installed and hooked up to the energy grid, you start to save with lower energy bills each month. When less money goes to the power company, you’ll have more cash on hand once your panels are paid off.
  • Improves your brand with a greener image: One of the great things about commercial solar panels is how you can market your commitment to clean energy to your customers. This sends a positive message about your dedication to sustainability and the environment. Every time your employees, customers, shareholders, neighbors and others know that you’re going green or see the panels for themselves, you’ll be making a great impression. Going solar not only helps protect the environment, but it also can affect how everyone in your community views your company.
  • Supports the local economy: When you contract with a solar panel installation company such as Eco Leaf Solar, you are boosting the local economy. Workers in the local market complete the installation. And, increased demand for solar panel installations increases the availability of high-quality, well-paying jobs.
  • High Reliability and low maintenance: Commercial solar panels are virtually maintenance-free and noiseless. In most cases, the structure of commercial buildings makes them easily accessible. The solar cells are encased in tempered, protective glass, framed by non-corrosive aluminum. They are built to be exposed to the elements and can withstand rain, hail, wind, and snow – just about any weather-related threat you can think of. In general, the photovoltaic cells that make up the solar panels very rarely break down. Even if they do, most solar panels come with a 25-year warranty, which means that once you add solar panels to your commercial building, you will generate your own clean electricity for at least 25 years or more, from a system that is just as functional and probably more reliable than the utility company.


There are a few additional factors that you’ll need to consider when evaluating solar for your business.

Businesses that make a good fit for solar:

  • Own the building or property and have a large unobstructed area on the roof or grounds
  • Have a roof that is in good condition (for rooftop solar)
  • Have higher electrical loads during the day and/or the summer
  • Have a passthrough ownership structure with significant tax liability

Solar may not make as much financial sense for companies with shaded facilities, a roof or electrical service that requires repair or upgrade, or who do not have the capital to invest in a system upfront. Financing options are available but may require a down payment.