About Us

Why Should You Work With Eco Leaf Solar?

We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have something unique to offer. From the start of a project to the time you’re home brewing clean energy from sunshine, Eco Leaf Solar makes it a joy to go solar.

We Have an In-House Full-Service Installation Team.
We Do NOT Outsource Your Installation.
Quality Work, Experienced Staff & After Installation Support

We use industry leading technology to maximize ROI (return on investment) and longevity of renewable energy system.

We are dedicated to provide complete solar solutions for rural electrification, C&I, farming, private, government and nonprofit. The core mission focuses on seeding and developing clean energy and infrastructure projects in rural area as we are a renewable energy company specialized in Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation of solar hybrid and off grid systems.

Making the world a better place, one panel at a time. 

With a combined experience of more than 16 years in developing power generation, we have the renewable energy and innovative green footprint solutions for the modern age.

Meet Our Management Team

Scott Jerace
Chief Operations Officer – Founding Member
Paul Falkowski
Chief Financial Officer – Founding Member
Mitch Cammidge
Chief Executive Officer – Founding Member
Maxim Hahn
Project Manager, Supervisor
Danielle Pilon
Administrator, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable